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Women’s Day Winter Harvest

It’s been a while since I previously updated this blog. It’s been a busy, wet, cool season for me here in San Diego. For the first time since renting a community garden plot last spring, I’ve had chances to try my hand at cool season gardening. The cool, wetter than usual weather produced lettuce, carrots, chard, parsley, and kale—enough for salads that were a welcome addition to rainy day soups made with some homegrown leeks.

winter’s veggies

What people tell me is an unusual-for-here series of chilly, rainy days provided the impetus to go through my store of fabric scraps and to come up with a set that may provide some comfort and warmth for an area refugee family. 

quilted squares for refugee family

What’s taken up the bulk of my time the past couple of months has been adapting and updating some prior blog posts into a self-published book of essays with a long title  “Somewhat Centrist, Slightly Sexist Seasonal Rants: Musings from the Alto Section.” The book, now in its final proofing process, is due out later this month. It chronicles parts of my particular woman’s history and relates my individual views of some current issues. 

Today, March 8, is celebrated in many countries as “International Women’s Day.”  Multiple relevant events in the San Diego area are listed for today or later during this Women’s History Month. Some highlight this year’s theme, “Embrace Equity.” Despite generations of effort, women do not yet enjoy pay equity in most environments. Sadly, in many places we seem to be going backward on one of the most important equity issues of all, the capacity to manage our own reproductive health, to control our own bodies. 

Happy International Women’s Day to all as we continue the ongoing struggle for equity!