About this blog

I started this blog in 2013 as part of an online course, hoping to connect with others with similar interests or questions.  I typically write about a specific person, incident or occasion that has inspired me, aggravated me, or made me curious to learn more. I’ve used categories and tags to try to make finding a specific post easier.

Now, nearly ten years in, I expect it’s time to do some blog pruning. Over the rest of 2022 and into early 2023, I’ll gradually be deleting posts that seem to me to have outlived their usefulness. Later in 2023, I expect to remove the blog altogether. If you have a favorite post, you are welcome to make a copy or print it off before it goes away.

One blog category, the “China W(a/o)nderings” heading, concerns China, and is based partly on my travels and teaching there. In 2018, I published a longer work, Where the Great Wall Ends: A China Memoir, incorporating some of the information first blogged about here. If you’re interested in China, please check out the China entries in this blog. If you’d like a deeper China experience, check my author page, jinnybatterson.com for more information about purchasing the book, available in multiple formats through either your local independent bookstore or via Amazon.

Please feel free to share any items that speak to you or to friends with similar life circumstances. Please comment if a particular entry moves you. Thanks for visiting!

9 responses to “About this blog

  1. Your wisdom and humanity is so evident in your poems. Bravo!

  2. Helena Mbele-Mbong

    Jinny, Congratulations on getting this up and running. And thank you for sharing your poems. Several definitely resonate, and all are worth reading. I will be sharing with some friends. – Helena

  3. Jinny – This is wonderful! You have such a compassion for the subjects you write about. I will be sharing your website with friends also. Keep it up, girl!

    Barbara J.

  4. Yes Jinny, definitely continue presenting your poetry gifts for us to read and muse about. … Rereading the accumulated verse was inspiring. My three favorites, probably based on what I was feeling at the time, are Sorority Sisters, Born after the War, and Filters Decay Slowly. Thank you for your insights.


  5. Read with joy over and over again. Through your eyes, saw a new Hawaii; had no idea that members of my family were in your sisterhood sorority; and life does take on a difference pace following retirement. I, too love trees. Thanks.
    Willie D.

  6. Hi Jinny, Thanks for sharing your insights and your writing talent. I particularly like Tiananmen and your grandfather’s story.

  7. Anna Belle Ambrosen

    Enjoyed your reflections on approaching 70. I got there last year and it’s a thought provoking landmark. Enjoying the freedom of retirement. Some days I do very little. Nice to have that option.

  8. You really did a very good job sharing these words with us. It reminds me of those days when you gave classes to us about English writing. I tend to write in a paper notebook like a small girl.

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