Mothers are Tired

Mothers are tired 
of outworn tropes proposing sheltered domesticity
or cutthroat economic jostling as our only options.

We would much rather be acknowledged and appreciated 
for our often vibrant, adaptive balance,
as we pivot through multiple changes, continually adding value.

Mothers are tired
of having too many of our daughters derided,
too many of our sons killed or injured
in conflicts over illusory control. 

We would much rather have all of our children valued,
each for their unique style, limitations, perspectives, and gifts.

Mothers are tired 
of sappy greeting cards, purchased flowers,
restaurant meals or burnt toast on our “special day.”

We would much rather have spontaneous, inclusive, carefree
celebrations less linked to any calendar.

Mothers’ hands are tired of rocking cradles. 
Mothers do not want to rule the world.

We would much rather partner with others to help heal our own
and our world’s brokenness.

We would much rather continue our strenuous, joyous lives,
punctuated with occasional bawdy songs,
with perhaps a few lascivious romps when we choose.

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