Popcorn Snow

Popcorn Snow   —by Jinny Batterson

(This weather commentary was written in late winter 2010, a previous cold and snowy winter in this part of North Carolina. It was originally published, without picture, in an edition of the magazine Carolina Woman. That year, spring eventually came, as it will this year…)

p2010popcornsnowSaturday morning.
Sister safely aloft on the next leg
of her winter off-the-farm vacation.
Larder well-stocked.
Tummy full of pancakes and hot chocolate.
No immediate chores.
A welcome window of time to explore
the whiteness that coated our yards and trees overnight.
Not heavy and dense, like the late January storm and chill
that trapped us indoors for days.
Barely noticeable on roads and sidewalks,
But wrapping itself around branches and bushes and
twigs and leaves and pinecones,
Making miniature moguls so insubstantial they’ll be gone
as soon as the sun comes out.
No need just yet for Olympic vistas of snow-majestic peaks–
Enough to have a morning amble in popcorn snow.

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