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Wear a Mask (to the tune of “Silver Bells”)

(can be sung to the tune of “Silver Bells,” perhaps a fitting tribute, or lament, for the year 2020) 

(Chorus 1): Wear a mask! Why, you ask?
It’s COVID time in our country.
Cases spike,
And though we’d like,
We can’t wish this virus away.

City sidewalks, parks and greenways
Offer welcome respite.
In the air there’s a chill now it’s winter.
Shuttered venues, take-out menus,
At the food banks long lines,
And until vaccinations are here…

(Repeat Chorus 1)

Pharma’s Pfizer and Moderna
Make vaccines at warp speed.
Health care workers get first dibs on doses.
Testing sites fill, more relief bills,
As the POTUS still fumes,
And in virtual choirs you’ll hear:

(Repeat Chorus 1)

(Chorus 2): Wear a mask! Must we ask?
It’s COVID time in our country.
Spring will come,
Outdoor fun–
Soon will be vaccination day!


Out on the Sidewalk (song parody)

Out on the Sidewalk (to the tune of “Under the Boardwalk”)
—by Jinny Batterson

This song parody was inspired by a couple of warmish afternoons of canvassing and registering voters under the tutelage of some activists less than half my age. (They may not recognize the original 1964 hit by the Drifters, since they weren’t even born yet then.) A friend and talented colleague closer to my age helped tweak the lyrics, and then helped perform and record a version you can find among his Youtube videos. Many thanks to Tom Atkinson for his assistance. Enjoy!

1) Oh, long ago, our country tried democracy—
Hard to keep, needs the best from both you and me;
Recent decisions put it at risk—
If we want to get it back, we must persist.

(Chorus) Out on the sidewalk, we’ll be knocking on doors,
Out on the sidewalk, for our future and yours
Out on the sidewalk, with our clipboards and notes,
Out on the sidewalk, we’ll be asking for votes
Out on the sidewalk, sidewalk.

2) Sland’rous ads, and ultra poor poor governing
Turns us off—we find it oh so disgusting!
To govern well takes one and all,
And that’s why you’ll see us—spring, summer, and fall.

(repeat chorus)