All Solutions are Temporary

All Solutions are Temporary    —by Jinny Batterson

(As the national campaign season heats up in the U.S., I’ve become somewhat jaded about the promises of candidates, each offering different solutions to a whole ranges of problems.  I’m reminded of the disastrous consequences, and ultimate futility, of many previous “more permanent” or “final” solutions, hence the following ditty. I welcome your comments, reserving the right to edit any verses you’d like to add…)

Chorus:  All solutions are temporary,
Most solutions go wrong.
Shed your addiction to permanency–
Join me in singing this song.


In ancient Palestine
A man both taught and healed.
Then others had him crucified
So his followers would yield.
(repeat chorus)

For too much of our history
We bonded slaves to toil
But now in our modernity
We’ve become slaves to oil.
(repeat chorus)

One party stresses lower tax,
Another better service.
Their hyper-partisan attacks
Can make me really nervous.
(repeat chorus)

Our earth circles an aging star,
The universe expands,
And what its long-term prospects are
No one quite understands.

Alternate chorus:  All solutions are temporary,
Most solutions go wrong.
Let’s shed out mutual addictions–
Join me in crafting this song.


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