Year Half Gone, Year Half Left

Year Half Gone, Year Half Left    –by Jinny Batterson

(July 4th has always conjured up both independence and interdependence for me. Likewise, it’s a marker both of the beginning of summer holidays and the passing of the first half of the year. Happy In(ter)dependence Day!

The calendar pages recently turned to the seventh month.
Already? How can the year have slipped by so fast?
Almost imperceptibly, days shorten.
The sun rises a few minutes later, sets
About the same time as the day before.
Pundits drone on about sharks and terrorists and candidates.
Blueberry season is nearly over, the earliest tomatoes
Beginning to blush. Swim teams practice. Times improve.
Record heat at Wimbledon. Decisions announced
At the Supreme Court. Equinox still months away.
Global climate summit after that.
New reasons to be wary.  New reasons to be hopeful.



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