Verify, but Trust

Verify, but Trust     —by Jinny Batterson

Many in the U.S. are still recovering from another ugly, bruising political campaign season. In upstate New York, roofs are collapsing under record levels of snow, with more precipitation predicted. There’s talk of another “polar vortex” building. Trust, an intangible necessity for any highly functioning social system, seems in great demand but short supply, hence this inversion of a 1980’s era arms control slogan.

Verify, but trust:
The vengeful slight,
The cutting thrust,
Can hurt, confuse, and vilify–
Verify, but trust.

Verify, but trust:
Smirking pundits,
Talking heads,
Harangue the milk of kindness dead–
Verify, but trust.

Verify, but trust:
Biting winds,
Snow, sleet, cold rain–
Can spring ever come again?
Verify, but trust.

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