Old Broads’ Reunion

Old Broads’ Reunion

—by Jinny Batterson

(This doggerel “sonnet” was inspired partly by a recent college reunion at Randolph College (formerly Randolph-Macon Woman’s College), partly by a family reunion, partly by the recent death of quintessential “old broad” Maya Angelou.  Enjoy!)

Long years ago, these groups helped set life’s track,
For some, this is the first time we’ve been back.
Though ivied halls are air-conditioned now,
Wisteria vines still climb the porch’s brow.

We’ve scattered wide, pursued careers and family,
Known losses, most, yet we trudge onward gamely.
We honor, grieving, those who’ve died before.
We’re graying, stiffer, not yet at death’s door.

We’ve filled in some of earlier verse’s blanks,
Welded relationships with hims and hers;
We’ve worked, sometimes for money, some for thanks.
Years have sped by, some more distinct, some blurred.

Though we might have plastic or titanium in our bods,
Still, we’re functional, caring, feisty grand old broads!

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