Do-Re-Mi’s of Campaign Finance

The Do-Re-Mi’s of Campaign Finance  —Jinny Batterson

(Written after an inspiring performance by a chapter of the Raging Grannies, who have lots of good ideas cleverly presented.  Updated after viewing some of our local gaggle of grannies in full regalia at yesterday’s Moral Monday protest in Raleigh.)

“Dough,” they say, “takes dough to be
RA-diant politically.”
“Me, vote me,” they urge us, “I’m
FAr right (left) philosophically.”
So, big donors, lots of PACs,
La—not issues, but attacks,
Tee times with some golf cronies,
To bring in more, more, more, dough, oh, oh, oh,

Does, we’re dears, and we invoke
Rays—sunshine, transparency,
“‘ME’ to ‘WE’”, a change all need
For renewed democracy—
So, we’ll push campaign reform,
La—not C-4’s but C-3’s,
Teas and coffees—spread the word
For elections fair and free:
Do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do: less dough!

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