The World Needs Grasshoppers, Too

The World Needs Grasshoppers, Too            —by Jinny Batterson

Among the bedtime fables I requested often as I grew
Was the story of the Grasshopper and the Ant.

The Grasshopper serenaded on summer days,
Perched on a stalk of grain it took no step to harvest.

The Ant and his brethren worked hard, even in
The languorous warmth of July, storing up food,
We’re told, to last through the coming winter.

In the fable, the Ant, approached as fall’s cold deepened,
Was loath to help the Grasshopper who had fiddled away
His time, not preparing for leaner days ahead.

Certain thrift and foresight are virtues needed in this glitzy time,
Yet even the most diligent is lacking without a certain flair
For song or dance or telling tales—the world needs Grasshoppers, too.

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