Truth in Advertising

Truth in Advertising
by Jinny Batterson

(Misleading information in commercial advertisements has previously led to the enactment of laws and regulations intended to limit such practices, though aging and some of the health challenges it brings can make us more aware of how hard it is to present the whole truth about anything.
The events of autumn, 2013, might lead us to revisit how we “advertise” a whole variety of things, not just commercial products–our disordered health system and dysfunctional government could certainly benefit from more complete truth…)

Heart disease does not apply
Just to a single organ, but to a whole array
Of circulatory disorders, some only
Vaguely related to the heart.

Cancer is not one disease,
But hundreds of conditions,
Linked only by characteristics
Of distorted growth.

Illness never infects one
Person alone. Whether it is
A disorder of the physical body,
Or a dysfunction of family, community
Or body politic, it affects us all.

We can try, by distorted labeling,
To nurture our denial,
Sometimes even tricking ourselves
Into believing the insistence, “Not me!”

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