Sorority Sisters

Sorority Sisters

(Written a number of years ago; still relevant during this breast cancer awareness month. My journey was helped immensely by a local support group–this sort of resource continues to expand. Some groups in the area where I now live can be found via the following link:

We’re an odd sisterhood.
One of the few in which
It’s preferable to pledge
Late in life–
Early initiates get
Our sympathy rather
Than congratulations
Or adulation.

As the time since my own initiation
Lengthens, one of the ways
It gets measured is the
Number of relatives, friends,
Acquaintances who’ve also
Been inducted.

We’re a diverse bunch,
Given to raunchy humor
As well as practical suggestions
About hospice alternatives.

Beyond our fears
Is often power,
A renewed or newborn
Sense of purpose.

We hope eventually to
In the meantime,
We affirm to all and sundry
That healing is not the same
As cure, and that
Healing can always happen.

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