Our Greatest Mom

Our Greatest Mom       by Jinny Batterson

(Mom has been physically gone for over a decade now, but her spirit lives on, especially around Mother’s Day. I’ve tried to capture here some essentials of our “greatest generation” Mom. Perhaps there is someone like her in your family.)

Mom sometimes chided us kids,
“Waste not, want not.”
She lived frugally,
Even after she stopped needing to.
She clung to a few minor indulgences, though.
Near the end of her long life,
She refused to relinquish
Either good coffee or good bacon
Despite rising prices,
Headaches and high cholesterol.

Mom could be stinting with praise,
But she was generous with
Her energy and her time.

Mom had little use
For civil rights or feminism,
But woe to the person
Who tried to exclude her.

Mom despised blank verse.
She insisted
That proper poems should
Have a stable meter,
And rhyme every other line.
Yet she passed along
Her love of language.

Mom loved her children fiercely–
I hope our generation,
Maturing in a different age,
Learned at times to be gentle with her
When our gentleness
Was what she needed most.

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